Terra Mitica Park is one of Europe's most exciting theme parks and is Benidorm's main tourist attraction. It has something for all age groups and for all 'fear thresholds'.
Don't worry about going if you're not a fan of the adrenaline rush as there are always plenty gentler options including some great water ride. To make sure that younger children never feel left out the park has cleverly constructed 15 kiddie rides which are replicas of the scarier adult version. All in all there is something for everyone at Terra Mitica Park.
You can go on rides as many times as you wish but bear in mind that there are so many rides that you won't be able to go on them all in a day. In fact, time permitting, we'd recommend that you purchase the two day pass as there's more than enough at Terra Mitica Park to keep the whole family amused.
Terra Mitica Park is split into five different sectors according to a particular theme. Each of these areas has rides related to its particular theme and the restaurants of the area are also based on that same theme. If you're too busy to sit down for a full scale meal then there's no end of fast food outlets throughout the park.
Once you've entered Terra Mitica Park you'll immediately find yourself in Ancient Egypt with its fabulous pyramids and the river Nile. You can take a gentle cruise from the port of Alessandria down the river towards Iberia with great views of all the rides or if you're desperate to get straight to the action then the Nile Waterfall awaits you. This ride takes place in a log flume with a 20 metre forward drop followed by scarier but shorter backward drop.
Synkope is one of the parks latest and scariest rides on which a giant red wheel holding 70 people spins and swings at the same time causing some serious screams from its occupants. The giant simulator in the temple of Kinetos is another main attraction in this area. Children can discover ancient Greece from horseback.
The Flight of the Phoenix is one of the highlight of this sector but isn't for the faint hearted. The ride takes you 70 metres in the air then drops you at 120 km per hour. Magnus Colossus is a massive roller coaster in this same zone. Many fun kiddie alternatives exist such as Tentaculus which is a children's ride based on the story of the Fire and the Phoenix. Live shows in this sector are held in an amphitheatre again complying with the Roman theme.
The river boat from Egypt docks at El Moll where you disembark and head for another selection of rides including the Crazy Cars where traditional theme park cars have been replaced by bulls, cows and sheep. Take a train ride on El Tren Bravo, Iberia's nastiest locomotive.
Mediterranean Islands
A good area for water rides especially the Rapids of Argos where you'll be glad you came wearing your swimming gear as you fight the changing sea currents. Your main job on the Islands is to rescue Ulysses, another top attraction.
These are short summaries of just a few of the main attractions in the different areas. For a map of Terra Mitica and a description of all the rides take a look at the Terra Mitica Park’s official website www.terramiticapark.com <http://www.terramiticapark.
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